How to direct a repeater item to dynamic page


I am doing a school project and I am kind of new with wix. I want to direct a repeater item to dynamic page. By exemple, when the “Button3” has the text “1917”, I want the user to be redirect to my “1917” page when he click on “Button3”.

My “Button3” is an item from “Repeater5”

here is the code I’ve made, but it doesn’t work.

PS: sorry about my english!

Any help would be very appreciate :smile:


Or:["link-items-title"]);//use the field key as appears in the collection

Thank you, but still not working … :slightly_frowning_face: when you said “the field key as appears in the collection” do I am looking at the right place (in yellow):

@sarah22robert Click the title of the column > Properties > copy the field key

sorry about that, but I am not sure where on this ([“link-items-title”]); ) I should add this field key. like I want it to be direct to 1917 (in red) and not just to the collection (in yellow)… not sure I am clear haha

Thank you so much for helping!!

I’ve got it !! many thanks for the help !! :grin: