How to Edit a Blog Collection to Not Show All Content?

Hi, I have added a collection of blog posts to my website. I want to show a sample of the posts (only there of them) on my main home page. Users will be able to click through on this to the posts or to the blog page.

I have linked a repeater on the main page to the data collection however, I do not know how to edit what items are displayed and which are hidden, I do not want to show all of my blog posts on this page. Could someone please help :slight_smile:


I think you need to start by sharing how you want to select the three posts.

Obviously you can apply a dataset filter to limit the number of items displayed in the dataset settings.

If you need to pick certain posts dynamically, like three posts on a certain topic then that may be more complicated.

Try dataset settings. If that doesnโ€™t help try providing more information about what you want your user to experience.