How to edit MOBILE or DESKTOP Site ONLY

Hey Guys,

New to Im pretty save with technology / design. Im 99% complete with my site, but theres one thing that I can’t seem to figure out.

I want to be able to make edits specifically on the mobile site / or just the desktop site without it applying to the other.

The specific issue I am having is the following:

I have hidden an Image on my header to not appear on the home page, but to appear on the other pages. I had to do this with a custom line of code that I got from wix support resources. So it works however, it hides my image which I need on my desktop version.

Is there a line of code I can use to make my image hidden on mobile only so that it will indeed appear on my desktop version?

Thank you in advance!

To hide on mobile only:
Use the hide feature by selecting the right element. If it’s underneath another element, right click and scroll through the overlapping elements to select the right one first.

To hide on desktop only:

Good Luck!

Hi Chris and welcome to Wix,

Just like what David said, you can use the formFactor to determine if its mobile or desktop, here is Wix Api for FormFactor .

Also you can edit the site via mobile editor and click Hide element - See how it works HERE

Good Luck!


Thank you guys!