How to embed a Twitch Livestream

There is a lot of people that seem to have issues with the twitch embedding and I would like to address the issue and offer a fix. There are two main issues when trying to add a twitch embed to your site. This guide will help you to get your embed up and running smoothly.

First thing needed is to add an iframe box to your webpage. Second you need to copy your embed iframe code from twitch. Go to your twitch stream hit share then copy iframe embed.  Once this is done head over to Wix and paste  the twitch iframe code  into your iframe box you added. Next you must change the parent from =www.example .com to whatever url your site uses. Most people only do this step but the embed still will not show right on wix. This next issue is not a problem on twitch's end its an issue on wix's end. 

The second issues that causes your iframe embed to break is when adding a twitch iframe embed to your site for some reason wix likes to take your iframe and nest it into a second iframe. This is called nesting iframes.  As you can see in the first picture below the top iframe is the one created by wix. Your iframe is below it  nested.  The way to fix your embed is to take the the url from the iframe that you are nested into and add it as a second parent in your original twitch iframe code. For this image we would take the part in between the double slashs // and end with the part that says .com and add it as a second parent in the twitch iframe code. How you add a second parent is easy you just add &parent= and the url and you are good to go. An example of the code can be found in the second picture down below. 

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@eberhardtdesigns just use for Twitch integration


I’ve tried this… Redid it thoroughly many times… Wont work.

You can check APIs of Twitch about this. You can get more info from here and may resolve your problem.

<iframe src=";;muted=false" height="500" width="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

This works fine for me careful for spaces between letters or words

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What is this parent website it is wanting to require? I don’t understand that.

This link no longer seems to work.

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