How to export variables from events.js to a web page

PLEASE HELP ME ! It’s really urgent !
I would like to export variables from events.js to my page code. I already read that you can only import from .jsw files in your page code but I really need to import from events.js because there is a function I called there.

And this function only works in events.js (it’s the function export async function wixStores_onNewOrder(event) )

I don’t know for example, how to export (event.number) to my page code…
export var item; //The variable I want to export
export async function wixStores_onNewOrder(event) {
const newOrderId = event.orderId;
const numberOrder = event.number;
let toInsert = {
“number” : numberOrder,
“newOrderID” : newOrderId
wixData.insert( “CommandeID” , toInsert)
.then( (results) => {
item = results; //see item below
console.log( “Data collection, commandeID, successful” );
} )
. catch ( (err) => {
let errorMsg = err;
} );