How to extract image from wix-fetch response?

Hi! I’m facing a pretty difficult challenge with wix-fetch.

The goal is to send an image from my site frontend to an edit API, receive the modified image, and display it. So far I have no trouble sending the image with a POST, and I know the API modifies it correctly.

The problem is with wix-fetch. There seems to be no way to get an image from the WixFetchResponse object-- the only two decoding methods are .json() which doesn’t work, and .text() which produces this:

Somehow I need to get the (what I assume is binary) data of the png and turn it into an actual PNG. I think the .text() is corrupting everything irreversibly though!

Here’s some code for reference:

Wix-fetch doesn’t support this. You can use another HTTP library such as axios.

Stackoverflow suggests something like this should work:

axios.get('/file.pdf', {
      responseType: 'arraybuffer'

Libraries can be installed using Wix Studio’s package manager: Working with npm Packages

Thanks for the reply @anthony! Unfortunately Axios and pretty much any request library seem to not be approved for install via the Wix NPM package manager. Any idea on how I could get it approved? I’m pretty surprised this stuff isn’t allowed/supported.

Can you share a screenshot and any error messages you’re getting on the console? I’m able to install axios and similar libraries.

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Sure thing @anthony,

Here’s me trying to install axios:

And needle:

For reference I have been able to install packages in the past. Here’s Buffer:

It’s always struck me as strange how many packages aren’t marked with “install” for me… any thoughts?

That is very weird. I think this is a bug. Best place to report this is customer care:

I’ll raise internally as well. What browser and version are you using? Also I assume this is the Wix editor and not Wix Studio?

I’m using Firefox 126.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10. Yes, it’s Wix Editor.

Just tested on Chrome and it works!

Glad to hear it’s a bug not a feature-- apparently the browser is what’s been causing me a headache this whole time. Thanks!

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Awesome! Glad we got that figured out!

@anthony thanks for the help! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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@PicsGenie Question, what version of Firefox were you using when you encountered this issue? And any plugins such as ad blockers?

I was using Firefox 126.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10 for the Wix Editor. I had AdBlocker Ultimate installed