How to feature a solitary "included thing" from dynamic rundown content?

I’m dealing with a site for a Real estate professional, and have set up a principal dynamic ‘postings’ page, however, I might want to have the option to feature a solitary “highlighted” property (which would change occasionally) on the site’s landing page, without refreshing numerous pages. Is there a method for pulling only one posting from the powerful rundown, and having an identifier of some kind or another (a tag or something?), that I can simply relegate to whichever property in the rundown I need to highlight at some random time?

Any assistance would be particularly valued!!

Yes, it is possible to feature a single “featured” property from a dynamic list on your website’s homepage without updating multiple pages. One way to achieve this is by assigning a specific tag or category to the property you want to feature, and then using that tag or category as a filter to display only the featured property on the homepage. You can use a content management system (CMS) or a web development framework to implement this feature .