How to get Dataset's total page number after applying a filter

Hi there, like the title says, I have a problem related to getting the total pages of the Dataset after applying a filter.


let newFilter = wixData.filter();
newFilter = newFilter.eq('sale', true);
let pageNumber = $w("#dataset").getTotalPageCount();

This code is executed while applying the filter and returns 0 instead of the correct number.
If I want to get the correct number of pages I need to activate a second action like clicking a button and re-executing the function:

let pageNumber = $w("#dataset").getTotalPageCount();

I need to get the total filtered page count in the same action while applying the filter to refresh also the pages buttons.
How can I do that?

Thank you.

Keep in mind that the setFilter() function returns a Promise and you need to take care of that. You can do something like this:

.then( () => {
   console.log("Dataset is now filtered");
   let pageNumber =$w("#dataset").getTotalPageCount();
} )
.catch( (err) => {
} );

See the following for more information about Promises:

  • Promises, Promises

  • Velo: Working with Promises

Hey there Yisrael, thank you for answering. I tought I deleted this thread since I found a different solution triggered by changing the dataset index:

export function dataset_currentIndexChanged(){
    if (isFiltered) // Boolean, turns true everytime I use a filter
        pageNumber = $w("#dataset").getTotalPageCount();
        pageScript(pageNumber, 1); // A script that builds the page numbers' buttons
        isFiltered = false;
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