How to get Document Direct Download URL to Content Manager?

Hello, I’ve been lurking and searching here for a long time and I did learn a lot of things. But today I need your help.

I have a registration form and the user are required to input their information and upload their RESUME (uploadButton) through our registration form. I know the data will be save to the database and will be shown to content manager.

Here’s the problem now. When I try to export the data to CSV that I have collected the attachment is not a link but like this


I need a direct link to download the file so that I don’t need to browse that file through file manager. It will be too hard for me if there is a thousand of files inside. Thank you! :tired_face:


(It’s a backend function. So put it in a jsw file and import it to the front-end if needed)

is that automatically convert the attachment into downloadable URL when I export the content from Content Manager?

Problem solved!