How to get text underline on hover effect in my blog posts and blog menu pages??

I want to get the text underline on hover option for the blog post headings on my blog menu page and also links in the blog posts itself. Can anyone please help me? [Note: I don’t know any coding at all, but I can surely follow the procedures you suggest and copy and paste the codes.]

This forum is dedicated to Corvid. For questions regarding the Blog app, you can contact Wix Customer Care or you should go to the blog community forum and discuss your issues there.

I posted it here because I thought it is more related to coding than blogging. Please see if you can answer.

@q24fps This cannot be handled with code. C ontact Wix Customer Care .

@yisrael-wix I had contacted them and they suggested me seek help from fellow Corvid users.

@q24fps Wix Blog does not have an exposed API for Corvid support.

You might want to check with the blog community forum .