How to get userID from contact list?

I have a database on my site where members add content to the site, the database then generates a link with userID. When someone orders something on my site I have to get this specific userID that has been generated for the exact member. However, I´ve noticed that it’s impossible in the WIX control panel to search members in the contact list or member list by the userID that has been generated. It is a crucial function for my site and my concept. I have to find a solution for this, my coding skills are poor so I hope that you guys can help me to find a good solution for this.

Read this two Velo-APIs…

Thank you for your answer! Could you give me a code example on how I could use those APIs in practice. And where should I put the code in this situation?

Exuse me, but you should differ between a “little help” and a “whole project work”. What you want to do needs also enough knowledge to achieve such an functionality.

Yes you will find helpers here which helps people by their coding skills, but these people already have some code, which have to be modified or corrected → this is called —> HELP.

What you want is not a HELP anymore, its a job which should be done for you.
I undestand that you need this CODE to bring your site to life, but also think about the fact that a programmer has to invest a lot of time to create and fullfill your wishes.

You don’t believe that? Then try to do it by yourself and look onto the time which you will need to get your working END-RESULT.

I hope you understand it in the right way.

But i dont want you to stand alone in the rain, that means, show us a part of your project and i am sure someone will give you some ideas and perhaps also some example code, which would help you to understand your problem and fullfill your aim.

  1. How looks like your database?
  2. Do you use DATASETs
  3. How exactly is generated the link with userID ?

The more input you offer, the more output you will get. :wink:

By the way, did you take a look onto this link here?