[How To] Infinite Auto Scroll Animation

Follow my step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add custom code to create an infinite horizontal scrolling text animation. In this example we’re creating this animation with text, but it can work for any type of element.

Visit Academy X for the tutorial and a template of the final result.


Hi, thanks a lot for this tutorial! I am wondering if there is not a problem with the wix animation API as I have noticed a lag bug that seems visible on any infinite animation.

I experience it currently on my site on construction (https://www.vitikagreen.com/) and on any other Editor X site where I have implemented these infinite animations before.

I have checked the code multiple times and the layout too, but the result is the same: that clear lag which makes the animation useless. Is it possible to get some help please ? Thanks in adbance.

How can I do this with pictures instead?

I want to showcase logos of newpapers I can features mt clients in.

easier to use Pro Gallery for this with slider layout and infinite scroll settings

I have created this, but how do I get this to pause when mouse hovers over it?