How to let user "favorite" items that are not related to stores or products?

I have tried following several tutorials on wishlists and favorites including the following and I was not successful with any of them.

https://support.wix. com/en/article/velo-tutorial-adding-a-wishlist-to-a-wix-stores-site#step-1-set-up-the-site

https://www.wix. com/velo/forum/coding-with-velo/how-to-make-a-favorites-page-for-users

https://www.totallycodable. com/post/creating-a-wishlist-using-wix-stores-with-add-to-cart-function

My situation:
I have a dynamic page with a repeater that displays a collection of videos, let’s call the collection “Videos”. I would like to add a button to the repeater that gave them the option to “favorite” (and “unfavorite”) any of the videos and display those favorited videos on a separate “Favorites” page with a repeater.

I’ve tried creating a new collection, “Favorites” that references the original “Videos” collection. And I think I understand that I need to get the users ID (anyone on my pages will have already had to log in), and some identifying info from the videos collection but I haven’t been able to get the code to insert any data to the new collection.

I’m struggling with the correct code to use, & perhaps the particular syntax needed to insert this data into the
“Favorites” collection.

I assume that what I’m trying to do is easier than than what they did with the online store “wishlist” tutorial linked above because I don’t need any “add to cart” functionality and it doesn’t have to be in the members area. So if anyone was able to implement that, they could likely help me.

In any case, all the resources I’ve found are just far enough away from what I’m doing that I haven’t been able to make it happen. I’ve been able to learn a few things from tutorials out there during this pandemic, but for this one I am at an impasse. Can anyone help?

I have this problem too… I am thinking in using the Store pages as a way to host Favorite Items into a Wishlist… then, hide the cart and buying options and rest of the store-pages. I will try this way. If you found yourself a solution, please let me know.