How to receive Whatsapp message from Twilio to Wix?

Hi, all professionals in WIX.
I’m here to ask how to receive Whatsapp message from Twilio to Wix ?

I’m successfully send Whatsapp message from Wix to Twilio, but I do not know how to receive the message.

Thank you.


To receive WhatsApp messages from Twilio and integrate them with your Wix website, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Set up a Twilio account: If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Twilio account at .

  2. Obtain a WhatsApp-enabled Twilio phone number: In your Twilio Console, navigate to the Programmable Messaging section and purchase a phone number with WhatsApp capabilities.

  3. Configure the Twilio webhook: In the Twilio Console, configure a webhook URL for incoming WhatsApp messages. This URL will be the endpoint on your Wix website that Twilio will send the incoming messages to.

  4. Set up a webhook on your Wix website: In your Wix website’s backend, set up a serverless function or API endpoint to handle incoming webhook requests from Twilio. This can be done using Wix Code or external serverless platforms like AWS Lambda or Firebase Cloud Functions.

  5. Parse and process the incoming message: In your serverless function or API endpoint, parse the incoming WhatsApp message data received from Twilio. Extract relevant information like the sender’s phone number, message content, and any other required details.

  6. Implement the desired functionality: Based on your specific requirements, you can now implement the desired functionality using the parsed WhatsApp message data. This can include storing the message in a database, sending automated replies, triggering actions, or displaying the message on your Wix website.

  7. Customize the Wix website display: If you want to display the WhatsApp messages on your Wix website, you can use Wix’s dynamic pages or database functionality to retrieve and render the messages in a visually appealing manner.
    Remember to handle security measures appropriately, such as validating incoming requests and implementing measures to prevent abuse.
    Please note that the implementation details may vary depending on your specific setup, coding skills, and the resources you choose to use for your serverless functions or API endpoints. It s advisable to refer to the Twilio documentation, Wix API documentation, and explore relevant code examples or tutorials to guide you through the specific steps required for your integration.

Hello WIX professionals,
I need assistance with receiving WhatsApp messages from Twilio to Wix . I can successfully send messages from Wix to Twilio, but I’m unsure how to receive them.
Thank you.

Seeking help from WIX professionals!
I need guidance on receiving WhatsApp messages from Twilio to Wix. While I can send messages from Wix to Twilio successfully , I’m unsure about the receiving process.
Thank you.

Seeking assistance from WIX professionals:
I need guidance on receiving WhatsApp messages from Twilio to Wix. While I can send messages from Wix to Twilio, I’m unsure about the process of receiving them .
Thank you.

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