How to send QR code via Wix Email?

We are trying to generate QR code with Wix QR Code API when user purchase item. Then automatically send it to the customers via Wix Email.
Unfortunately we found that Wix Eamil doesn’t support *.svg(QR code format generated by Wix API) on its html. Anyone have some idea of the below topics?

  1. How to embed *.svg on Wix email html.

  2. Otherwise how to transfer *.svg into Base64 by using Wix API?

  3. Or, can simply save QR code on Wix DB as image foramts(png, jpg, etc.)

  4. Other option to apply

Thank you for your attention.

Not possible with Wix email but you can do it with a third party either SendGrid or AWS or whatever else you can find. An example of SendGrid is here:

Prolly need to tweak the code for svg else it should be pretty much the same

Thank you for your reply Shan. SendGrid rejected our project, can you recommend any other provider?