How to setup rental gears for Class booking

I am running small dive shop and I need to add scuba gear rentals to the Courses. These are physical products but as a part of the course they are not to be charged for any delivery. Is there any easy way to add such function to the Wix site? The rental price should be calculated on per person/per day basis. As these gears are brought by instructor to the course location customers does not have to fill in “delivery details” in booking for. Could this also be somehow avoided?

This might be possible but would likely require some more advanced coding. Take a look at this video. At the timestamp I added, Jacob begins to go over a custom bookings session with add-ons that he then will review the code for. This may be a good place to start to consider your requirements and invovles use of our SPIs and REST apis

Otherwise, there are also a few support articles that may be relevant to you in the future but are not currently available