How to show taxIncludedInPrice on invoice when using createOrder

Hello Velo developpers !

I made a whole coded client’s parcour to get items to their cart, pay it, and then create an order on success !

Unfortunately, when i create the order with this infos as lineitems coming from my custom cart :

let lineItems = => ({
            "lineItemType": "PHYSICAL",
            'productId': a.productId,
            "quantity": a.quantity,
            "mediaItem": {
                "src": a.mediaItem.src
            "priceData": { price: a.price , "taxIncludedInPrice": true},
            "tax": 20

Where you see the tax is included and represents 20 % of the amount, i get nothing in my invoices that includes price :

So do i need to calculate it without taxes, then add taxIncludedInPrice : false, or am i missing something on the create order configuration ?