How to update an image due to data collection item fields value?

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I am trying to update images that the customer sees but the image changes on what is found within the item fields, so for example I have a red, yellow and green image and would like these to change when a customer uploads content. for example they provide one of three pieces of information they would get a red image, if they provide three pieces of information they get a yellow image and to get the green image all images have to be verified by the owner of the website using a boolean tick to get the green image. is this possible? and if so what code/logic would I need to be utilising? I look forward to hearing from you all. @yisrael-wix @amit-wix @benjamin-bavel-wix

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Are you using three different forms to upload the fields or just one form? If three, you can do setFieldvalue to the image for each form. If one form, then you would likely have to do something involving a data hook.