How to use daynamic link from a collection?

I created dynamic pages for a collection, and now I want to get the dynamic link from the collection to send it in an email. But the problem is that the dynamic’s field name (which created automatically) is not a valid variable name:

	 .then( (results) => {
        	 if (results.items.length > 0) {
 			for (var i = 0; i < results.items.length; i++) {
 				let Item = results.items[i];
                		 // Prepare email's parameters
                    		full_params = {
 					'task_name': Item.title,
					 'to_name': Item.memberName,
					 'task_details': Item.message,
 			'link_approve':, // reminders/c5e972b0-491a-44dc-8a11-cb8af18b9455
 					'to_email': Item.memberEmail,
				 	'reply_to': Item.replyToEmail};

For this, I get an error :frowning:
But I can’t change the field name, cause it’s created automatically by Wix.

@yisrael-wix to the rescue…

@yisrael-wix Yes! Worked! Many thanks

You can try this: