How to use Multi-State Box for multilingual website & RTL language (Arabic)

Dear all,

I have a multilingual website online (french/english), but I need to add ARABIC to it.

The problem is that arabic is an RTL language, and according to my research my only solution would be the use of multi-state boxes. However, I have never used Corvid before, and also have issues understanding the poor explanations (for beginners) on how to use them on a multilingual website with RTL language.

Therefore my questions are:

  • Anyone has some spare time to explain to me how it works :joy: Or maybe a link to a video tutorial? I haven’t found any on this precised topic…
  • Can I use multi-state box for just one language, the RTL one?
  • What would be the code so that my multi-state box switches automatically to the selected language?
  • Is there, by any chance, another way knowing that my website is already online? :raised_hands:t3:

Thanks for your help in advance :pray:t2: