HTML table: how to?

I can´t figure this one out, so maybe there is someone who can help me.

I want other websites to be able to display, in an iFrame, some content, lets say a calendar. I keep the calendar data in Wix Collection. Now I want to generate a code snippet that they use in an iFrame, which calls the current calendar data and serves up some basic html using a table, like:

31-03-2018 Tomer plays saxophone live at Cheers Bar
03-04-2018 Yoav cooks lunch

Now, I can generate all the html, that´s not the problem. What I cannot figure out is, where do I store it? I don´t want to use a page with an html-component, I don´t want to use a Wix table, I just want to serve up some lean and quick html with a table. Anyone?

It you just want to store a static HTML file, you can store it in any one of static website hosting services.
Any reason why not to use any of those?

I explained myself wrong. What I want is a fixed URL to a “dynamic” page. That page would do a db lookup based on the current day (or n more) and serve up the lightweight html, but without components. Basically, you get a http-get in (, do a lookup in db on today´s date (or more), create and push html. On the client side this html would be displayed in an iFrame. Does that make any sense?

I am still trying to figure out if this in possible in Wix, or maybe I have to turn to another environment (which I really don´t want, getting comfortably snug with Wix Code).
So I will try to explain myself, again, a bit better. What I would like to achieve is this:

  1. in some (non-Wix) website, one implements an iFrame with a source to a ‘page’ on my Wix Site
  2. this ‘page’ holds no interface elements, just code
  3. the code would do a db query and build a HTML-table like above
  4. this html would then be sent back to the requesting site holding the iFrame

What I am looking for is something like response.write in ASP: you do some work server-side, build the html and with response.write you answer back (with the html).

Now, I have looked at wix-http-functions and response(). For me, this is untrodden ground. So my simple question is: would this serve my purpose or can someone already foresee that it is a waste of time trying to do this?