HTTP 503 error for all Corvid functions?

Just today our corvid functions started returning HTTP 503. This is happening for two web properties. I set up a basic Corvid function that just returns the message “OK” but it also results in HTTP 503.

Is it possible that Corvid is somehow “down” right now? I wasn’t able to find any status page that would indicate if there were issues. Nothing has changed on our end - the Corvid functions we are running haven’t changed in >6 months.

One other note - our live site is functioning normally, it’s just the Corvid APIs that are having this problem.

Yes, HTTP functions are completely broken right now.

The vast majority of Wix issues/bugs/outages don’t get listed on the status page.

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Thank you. Do you know of a status page I could check, even if the issue is not on it? I wasn’t able to find one after searching around a while.

Either they’re back now or the issue is intermittent.