HTTP GET functions 500 error

Created get function for website.

worked perfectly for the first few minutes.

Made absolutely no changes. Now I keep getting a 500 error.

Can someone help on this?

Console log shows below:





"jsonPayload":{"message":"["Error loading web module backend/http-functions.js: \n \u001b[31mx\u001b[0m Unterminated regexp literal\n ,-[\u001b[36;1;4m/user-code/backend/http-functions.js\u001b[0m:63:13]\n \u001b[2m63\u001b[0m | \"courseCode\": body.courseCode*/\n : \u001b[31;1m ^\u001b[0m\n `----\n\n\nCaused by:\n 0: failed to process input file\n 1: Syntax Error"]"

Please post the code.

What wix taketh, they giveth back! :smiley:

For some reason. it started working again. probably a temporary outage. lasted around 2.5 hrs while tearing my hair out trying to figure out what went wrong.