I blanked my Site Members Name and Login Email

While creating a site member registration form with Velo, I somehow removed all my site member’s login email from the dashboard Site Member list. If I view a site member and click Edit Contact, I can see that the login email is still recognized. Two of the site member’s have neither a name field nor a login email. As a result, I cannot view their information.

Even though I am an admin, I cannot delete the site members. I believe I use to be able to do this. The site member that is associated with my own account also has its login email blanked. My role as a site-member is Admin. How can I re-connect the site-member’s login email fields? I am happy to do this programmatically if necessary, but I can’t see a way to do this using the wix api.

Editor > Enable Dev Mode > Database select Members:PrivateMembersData

If you can find it, you are lucky.
If not, please ask wix support for internal recover (maybe, but not promise haha)

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Sad to here that

I found the private member data using the dashboard under Content. Each of the members has a login email, but there are some field validation warnings. For example, the Emails field has a yellow square icon with an esclamation mark. If I mouse over the icon the hover text tells me that the value does not match the field type object. For each of the members the value for email is:


The same error flags the values under the Phones field for each record in the collection. What should that data look like? The field ata in Email and Phones look like?

The groups and contactid have the same yellow warning icon in the header, but the hover text is:

Field not in collection structure.

What does that mean and how can I correct it?

There is also some text in a pill beside the PrivateMembersData breadcrumb that contains the text:


I am not the site owner. I am developing some features for the site. I am supposed to be an admin, but I cannot edit any of the values in the Private member data collection.

@trevorwilson [{"s@editorx.co}] [{12456789}]
All in format “array” [{}] instead of “object” {}

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and just dismiss the yellow triangle, cuz wix is trying to display some content in a weird structure, but still accessable via code

I don’t think I understand what you are trying to tell me. The value of the Email field is an array already. When I use the wix-users-backend register method their API inserts the email field as an array. The warning is complaining that the value does not match the field type “Object”, but I did use their API to put the value in that field.

@trevorwilson Just dismiss it, Wix force the value to store, actually, there wont affect you working on them with Velo

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You cannot edit them, please create a new collection and use one field to connect them(reference)