I can't filter the dataset by slug on the dynamic page

in my case, I want to show specific data from the dataset that was filtered by slug on the dynamic page.

I try to filter the slug with filters (like contains, and eq), but there’s always return error validation

here is the code:

let pathDetail = wixLocation.path[1];
$w("#dataset1").setFilter( wixData.filter().eq('slug', pathDetail))
     .then(() => console.log("data filtered"))
     .catch((err) => console.log(err))

here are all the error messages:

  1. eq :

2. contains :

I will be very happy if someone would help me.

when I’m trying to filter the dataset with other propertyName, it works properly: (propertyName: ‘title’)

try manually filtering dataset

is there any solution with velo to solve my case? i did try manually filter the dataset and its work.

@lord where’s my thanks?

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