i have integrated stripe payment into my wix website and getting error :- Card token: tok_1FjWHwBh2cSpIY8CWx9ja7kH Charge ID: undefined

We cannot see what code you are using. If you want help, post the actual code (backend & frontend both) that you are using.

Frontend/Public Code

Backend Code

Did you read the Stripe example and open it up to check it in your own editor and changed everything to suit your own website and Stripe’s own testing keys etc, otherwise it won’t work fully.

If you have used Vorbly’s example instead, then I suggest that you contact him first through his website comments section as he will probably be able to help if asked.

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Also, if you are using this with Wix Users DON’T use it in preview mode.

Note : The wix-users API is only partially functional when previewing a site and causes page navigation issues when running a site in Preview mode. View a published version of your site for complete functionality.

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Thank You for your reply appreciated ! and yes i was trying in Preview mode only but when i tried on publish live site then i am not getting any kind of output after i click on charge card/pay now button because if transaction is successful then i should get some message/text on live website saying payment successful or its Transaction ID

And will ask vorbly about it Thanks again for your valuable input !