I have no idea how to start creating a photography website. Completely lost. Any tips?

If you really feel completely lost as you say, you may prefer to start creating your site by choosing and modifying a Template instead of starting from blank. All you have to do is pick one and start editing it by changing text and adding your own images.
These are some templates that I think may suite a photography website:

If, however, you dare to rather start from a blank template, you may want to use the Wix Pro Gallery or the Wix Photo Albums app. Both are responsive and available at the Wix App Market for free, both have their particular skills & advantages over the other one, you should pick after you try and compare each, or you could even use both –why not (!).

Anyway… hope it helps somehow. Good luck

Since this was bumped, wanted to share some blog articles for anyone looking at this from the Wix Blog.

One of the most logical ways to start with a ready-made fashion template and modify it to your liking. You will not lose much time at the same time. You can also use the “make yourself” tool. Creating websites with photos has become easier with the development of this technology. I sometimes use ready-made photo templates from https://aperfectspace.com . Btw, such programs can be found freely available on the Internet. Most of them are equipped with a variety of settings and widgets options.