I have two question about database+sqlserver

1-I want to make for my client a web site app , consist of control panel , he can add or delete the items can be saved on database .and web dashboard for the buyer and all be dynamic can i do with wix and how?
2-Can i design the database with wix support sqlserver ?


sounds doable. Even using SQL Server, if you really want to.

You have a few options to go about it:

  1. Use Wix Stores. In this case, you get Control Panel and pages for sales essentially for free. If you need to customize layouts, display of inventory, it can still be done with a bit of Corvid magic.

  2. Store inventory in Wix Data (Wix Database). It’s easy to model storage and you can use Wix Editor and a bit of Corvid (using wix data, wix pay APIs) to build both Control Panel and pages for displaying and selling your inventory. This is a bit more involved option.

  3. Similarly to #2, you can use any database you host yourself and build the rest with Corvid.

If you could tell me more about your aims and choices, I could further assist you in this process.