I keep getting "Code hung" and "out of memory error" on my wix page

When you did not change your setup and the error just came out of nowhere → Wix sided bug. Wait a for w while → if still not gone → Wix-Customer-Care!

Hey fellow Wixers,

I too am now getting the same error. EVERYTIME I try to edit any one of my wix sites it struggles to load and give the the memory error

I have cleared my cache, restarted my computer, tried different browsers, tried incognito mode, etc and nothing works. Most def not pointing any fingers but my trouble shooting efforts make me think something is wrong on Wix side (something out of my control). My site was working fine just a few days ago and I haven’t changed anything since yesterday and now i’m experiencing this issue.

Please Wix-team, its obvious the issue isn’t unique to one person but rather there are a few of us experiencing the same thing. Please get to the bottom of this.

Looking Forward



Found a temp fix, download and use the ‘brave’ browser. You can edit your site.

Still one big issue tho, when users go to your published site on a popular browser (not brave), it appears to lock up and not render correctly


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I’m getting the same “Code hung” error but on Wix’s Marketing Emails page (not my own site, but Wix’s own tool):

I’m using Chrome, cleared cache, only have one browser window open, and it’s happened 3 times in a row!

NOTE: I discovered that the issue in my case was that every time I chose to change the font type in the Wix Marketing Email tool to “Medium Heading”, the code would hang, and I would get the same “RESULT_CODE_HUNG” error. I worked around it by keeping the default font type and simply changing the font design (font size, color, etc.).

There’s definitely still a bug on the Wix side, but it takes too long to work with Wix Customer Service to try to get that taken care of.

Is there somewhere we can report bugs on here?

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I want to go on record that I am having the same issue on this error message when I try to edit on PC. I have no issue editing on a MacBook laptop. Very frustrating since my photo editing is on PC and I want to upload to Wix from that point. Hope there is a solution soon.


I have been unable to edit my website for a few days and followed all recommendations and tried different browsers. WIX charges a lot of money for their website use but not helps when needed! Shameful!