I need a LOAD MORE button on my gallery! HELP

Hi guys, so I have a website that im building and would like to add a LOAD MORE button.
It is a gallery using the honeycomb layout and it doesn’t have the LOAD MORE feature on it. Is it possible to add or find someone who I could hire to help me add that feature? its really stressing me out.

My problem is that I do not want hundreds of images being loaded up in one go, especially as it is my home page. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

If it isn’t available in the gallery settings itself then you probably won’t be able to add it through code either, so if you want one with load more option, tehn you will have to simply use a gallery type with that option.

Note that this might not be possible to do if you are using a Wix Pro Gallery type of gallery as that is a Wix app and not really suitable to be trying to integrate with code.

Wix Support already have support pages for gallery here.

Have you also tried putting in a ticket to Wix Support asking them if it is possible through the gallery settings itself in the Wix Editor?

You don’t mention if you are using any code already with this gallery, so you can check the Wix API reference for Gallery and Slideshow to begin with.

You can always look at repeaters to display your images and that has a load more option, plus you can limit in the dataset settings the amount to show first off and in each load more option.

Great advice. Thank you very much. I might look at the repeaters now. Yes, there is code in the gallery.


Do you think the repeaters will work on there?