I Need help

i want you to show me
And as you know that could happen after writing the code :arrow_forward: ().remove
But i didn’t know how to make it.
Thank you for your corporation

You need to add your collection’s name instead of the " myCollection " string and the records’ _id attribute instead of the " 00001 " string.

Should the issue persists, please share with us your code, the site URL and the name of the page to which the code was added so that we can have a look.


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Hi Tal
You can tell me, how to type this code through screenshot or video, Thanks and all the best for you

Thanks Tla

You should turn on the developer tools as explained here , copy the function from the documentation , change the strings as explained above and paste it in the code editor:

Good luck,



This my id button and input , How type !!?
Can you type code here !!?
please , i’m so sorry Tal

Can you please clarify what is the use case? What are you trying to achieve?

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Hi (or)
I’m trying to achieve site exchange visits (short links Exchange)