I need Mixpanel or Amplitude for better analytics right now

I am thinking of switching to WordPress because Google and Wix analytics are not useful at all. I really need an Mixpanel or Amplitude analytics integration as a non-developer to give me more insights into how my website is being used.

Please help me!

Hi Natasha,
Can you please detail what you are trying to achieve but can’t using Google Analytics?

I figured it out from talking to the MixPanel tech support group.
All I would say is that Wix needs to offer MixPanel or Amplitude or one of the better analytics platforms for its paying subscribers. Google Analytics does not track many of the most important metrics for analytics and you can’t measure growth or customer retention or how customers are actually using your website at all.

@natasha41487 We will be happy to speak with you to learn more. What is the best way to approach you?


I would be great to get some help with Mixpanel integration.
Google Analytics is not a good tool for tracking funnels.

Please help!


@jacovchak Hi. Have you tried to add MixPanel script into WIx through custom code integration?


Thanks for replying.
Are you talking about this? Embedding Custom Code on Your Site | Help Center | Wix.com
If so, then I did, but it let you add code only in the header and body, and the Mixpanel’s code should be inserted before the header.

@jacovchak You tried to put in the header and it did not work?

@kobi-gamliel I did, and it didn’t. maybe I did something wrong but putting the code there is pretty straight forward.

@kobi-gamliel I will be happy for a little help here,

I embedded the Mixpanel’s code into the header but when I tried to add the tracking code -
mixpanel.track(“Song Played”,{
“Song Artist”: “The Rolling Stones”,
“Song Title”: “Gimme Shelter”

I get an error message: ‘mixpanel’ is not defined.
Also, when I add a code to the onClick event the button stop working.

Looking forward to your answer,

Would love to know what going on with this.