I need to collapse/hide input elements once filled in


I am super new to coding and need some help to collapse/hide input elements which are connected to a data base in my members area.

Once the member logs in for the first time I need them to fill in the information and once complete the “form” will collapse/hide and not be shown to them again.

Please see picture below of what from I am talking about.

It would be great to get some help on this and perhaps some example code for me to use as I am sure it is quite simple but for a complete novice its hard to get my head around!


you could hide the elements after submitting by $w(“#element_id”).hide(); or collapse it by $w(“#element_id”).collapse();

but if you want the user to submit his data for once, why don’t you use site members to check if that member has submitted this form before? so if he has not, you would show the form, else you would hide it.

and I think you need to make some validations before hide/show the elements.
this example would you help you:

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Thank you for your reply Ahmd, I will look into this!!