I want a code that will check the user input and display message "right" or "wrong"

In above page, i want that user type answer in answer input field and submit with the button below.
Now if the input matches with a keywords i want, it shows “correct answer” or else “wrong answer”

Please help me with the code. Please


You will want to write some code that validates the users input when the click the submit button. This can be created with a conditional statement for example. Take a look at this article here to see how to set up validations for user inputs. You can also find an example site with the code available for you to see how it done here .

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Edward | Corvid Team

Thanks. That was a great help.
But still i am not able to figure out one thing.

i have a usser input field and a submit button. I want to show the successful message or the error message upon clicking the submit button.

Howto do it?