I want to integrate shiprocket API in my WIX Website

I want to add shiprocket API and I have no idea how to do.
can someone please help me?

It’ll be great help

If you have no coding experience, it is hard to get started. You can visit Wix Marketplace to find a Wix Partner.

If you have some experience, that’s great. Please see: Velo Packages - bbring integrations for more coding ideas(because it is similar)

Hi, thank you for helping. Yes, I have coding experience of 9 years so it’s not that hard I believe to start.

thank you for telling me about bbring integration and surely will take a look at that.

thanks and cheers :grinning:

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@tsundhan Do you able to connect your WIX store with Shiprocket?

Not yet, but there is one Velo package bringg that is kinda similar, Do check that once and let me also know is in any way that helped you.

9-yrars of coding in which coding-language?
If it is JS, than you normaly should be able to handle the issue.

were you able to connect it?

I was able to write my custom code for it. Would be happy to help if I see enough response on this thread. Let me know. I’d help.

Hi Rakesh, Please do share.

hi there, please do help us out with connecting our ADI to our wixsite.

Hi, will you please share?

Hey, would really appreciate the help. Do let us know how. Thanks!

hi rakesh, Please do share

Hello Rakhesh,

Please help with the codes to integrate Shiprocket

I am able to integrate wix site with shiprocket

Would appreciate if you could help us know how you did this?

Captured OnOrderpaid event in wix and called create order api of the shiprocket

Hi - could you please help with exact process to do this? Thanks so much!

@contact-neemboo We are currently working on to test the new integration. Would you like to send a DM to team@theflows.app with title: “Beta program: Shiprocket”? It would cost you nothing with our new partnership with Shiprocket.

@certified-code Done - sent an email.