I want to play a music on hover of an object but not repeat it

i want to play a music when I hover on a videobox and they can stop the music by closing the button ad the button disappears when they click it. but I have encountered an issue

export function videoBox1_mouseIn ( event ) {
$w ( “#music” ). play ();
$w ( “#stopbutton” ). show ();


export function button19_click ( event ) {
$w ( “#music” ). stop ();
$w ( “#stopbutton” ). hide ();
in preview mode when I tested it, after the music stops, it starts playing again. like this

the moment i click the stop music button then it again starts the music and the button appears again.

The thing I want is when we click the music stops and only starts when another button with label “Play Music” is clicked. until then, there’s no music. Anyone Please help me😅

I have the same problem. Can anyone tell me how to get more plays on soundcloud ? I’ve heard about this possibility, but I don’t know how to implement it.

with code related queries, the best option would be to ask on relevant forum, like our Velo forum: https://community.wix.com/velo/forum