IFrame elements

I am working with an iframe for showing a collections. So I want to be able to get to the individual picture in the iFrame’s collections. But I am unable to. I would like to disable the click on pictures. Any ideas thoughts.

I wanted to provide a bit more information. I used the store and product gallery from the tools and then used collections to show in the grid. Then I don’t want to do anything with quick view, I want to disable the click anywhere else in the picture. It launches the product page with details about the product. I don’t want that. But Quick view is fine.

Are you sure that you are using an iframe for displaying your collection?

It looks to me that you are using something like the quick view from the Wix Stores app like here.

Although to be completely correct, you are using the example for the Wix Chatbox API as shown here.

if you don’t want the quick view to happen, then simply turn it off as described in the tutorials above.

As this issue is not a code related issue, it should not be in the Wix Corvid Forum and therefore this post is being closed.

If you require any more help with the quick view toggle on and off, please go through Wix Support.