IFrame Height Issues

Hello, I am trying the embed code from the database software company Knack. While I have had no issues embedding the code itself, I have run into trouble with how the IFrame handles the height of my database.

More specifically, the look of my website is off whenever the amount of text in my database changes. For instance, the site looks fine when the database is on Page 1 of 4 (see image on the left). However, as soon as I go to Page 2 of 4 and the amount of text in the database increases, the IFrame now has a scrollbar (see image in the middle). But, as soon as I go to Page 4 out of 4 and the amount of text in the database decreases, the IFrame now shows a giant white gap (see image on the right).

In other words, how do I get the IFrame height to change depending on how much text the database is showing? I don’t want a second scroll bar on my page, nor a giant gap. Every time I change the height of the IFrame to match a certain page on my database, I always run into these two issues in other pages. Thank you.

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I have the exact same requirement and need a solution. I contacted Wix support and they directed me to this forum. How do I set an iframe or embedded page element to auto adjust width/height based on the src formatting? There has to be some way to do this…

Must be some HTML within the Iframe code that would allow for that. I am having issues with the IFRAME stealing the cursor on loading. Have you had this issue?

I’m having the same issue as well. I have a Wix html component that should adjust its height based on the source data within the component. Every other platform where I’ve set this up I’ve been able to dynamically adjust the container height (because I’ve had access to the DOM). Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?