I'm having question about member database, and how can i make changes with it.

Actually I’m bit confuse, that i ave added a member page in my site, now i want that member page to be connected to my other database, but it is not showing that kind of signs.

Also i have a question, that i’m making this site with my account, ok. So why this member database collection is showing private, and saying “only admin can edit it/ site author can edit it,” so as if i see, i’m the admin of this site which i’m designing, so why i’m not getting access to make changes in member database.

Please help me out with this

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Please help me out with this issue

I didn’t understood your first part of question. For the second part the answer is that the members database is read only. You cant add nothing manualy in it

Hey! Did you try to post your question in the Corvid Forum ? There are many developers that can assist you :wink:

Its not possible to connect the members area to databases unfortunatly… #featurerequest

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@sewellstephens104 it can be connected to database using code if we design it using individual wix elements …

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Yeah i guess thats worth a shot but then it isnt possible to delete the My Account iframe

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@1234monunilay try deleting the box because putting stuff on top of the box is unprofessional and can be noticed in the html source code

That’s also is possible… :):v:

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Ok then i guess wix has done updates… Havent played around with it in a while

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I did a test run on my site and the entire page has to be deleted… The iframe element is impossible to delete… Make a custom account area with a database which you probably can figure out… Reply if you need help @1234monunily