Images as buttons for a gallery

I’ve tried a few different things but I can’t figure out how to create a system that allows me to use small, cropped images into buttons that will load full-size versions above on the same page. I’ve attached a mediocre video to help explain. I had thought about using lightboxes but they look terrible and the fix position would be too distracting.

Video explanation- I want to click “Riot in th…” and have the image pop-up where the mountains are, then click “The expulsion…” and have the image container change to that image, etc. I’m looking for something similar to the thumbnail Pro Gallery, but that allows me to have text below the image and the thumbnails to have hover effects.

You could probably achieve something similar using a lightbox:

I tried that, but having it fixed and floating doesn’t work for this project. If i could embed the lightbox then that would be a great option.