Images Disappearing in mobile size

I have images stretched to full size in items in a layouter. They are fine in full screen and tablet size, but once it is mobile size, the images disappear. They aren’t just loading; it’s as if they aren’t there. There is no indication that an image is there when I click where it used to be. Help???

Hey Autumn ,
I’m Guy, from the Editor X team.

We’ll do our best to help so don’t worry:)
If you can share a link to your site it will help to see exactly whats going on.

Try to check the layers panel when your’e on the mobile break point, the images might be hidden in that breakpoint; if you see a striked out eye icon next to the image it is hidden:

If that is the case, just click on that icon, or click the three dots icon next to the eye and select ‘display’ from the menu. Either way should make it visible on that breakpoint. :

I hope this is the case and that this helps!