IMPORTANT FEATURE: Resize & position elements using code

Dear Wix Code Team,
This is very important for me and other users, so much that this is the 2nd time i request this. Resizing and positioning elements allows us to do so much stuff…

How it would work:

// Sizes and positions in px (pixels)

$w("#myElement").width = 80; // Sets the element's width
$w("#myElement").height = 20; // Sets the element's height

$w("#myElement").left = 100; // Sets the element's horizontal position
$w("#myElement").top = 50; // Sets the element's vertical position

// Also possible: get element's size and position
// Example:
return $w("#myElement").width // Returns the element's width

Thank you


This should be a basic feature, can it be available?

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This is awesome, now I can code in a remote updater for my platform.

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