Importing new data into an existing database to update existing fields?

I have a music database collection containing 600 tracks, all of which have their own unique fields in my database collection.

The current fields in the database are: Track Name, audio, Style of Music, and a reference field (to a dynamic product pages for each track)

I now have decided to add more fields to the database such as BPM and Length of track… So I made an excel spreadsheet with them on so I can update the wix database with the new fields.

My problem: If I import the excel spreadsheet into wix it will not update the current database entries and instead add new ones to it (duplicates). So I cannot update it in bulk.

So I thought I could just delete it and upload a fresh one but then I would have to manually add all the audio and reference fields again causing the same problem.

I cannot copy and paste in bulk the spreadsheet (bpm and lengths) into wix as it only allows one copy and paste at a time.

At this point I’m preparing my soul for neverending manual entry unless anyone has a better idea?

Edit: I found a similar post where someone enquired about ftp access. I know this isn’t possible but be really useful for my issue:

So if you would first set-up the new fields in your Wix-DB (adding the two new fields first into your wix-database, before updating), this also do not work?

Hmmmm, strange!

No because when I import the new datasheet it creates new database entries as doesn’t update the current ones (new database fields)