Importing Wordpress Blog

So I found this:

I have a website I’m recreating/transferring from Wordpress to Editor X for a client.

I assumed I could import blog posts as this appeared to be an option in Wix Blog…and since Wix Blog is available in Editor X I thought it would work.

However there is no option to import Wordpress blogs as Wix support shows.

This is a HUGE bummer. I’m really hoping I don’t have to/my client doesn’t have to manual transfer posts.

Can anyone give me some help/insight into this? Is there a way to do this still? Did the feature get deleted? Does it not work in Editor X?

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Hi Corey !

Just checked the information, and it appears that the feature is not available in Editor X yet.

Our developers are working on it.

You can open a support ticket , so we can document your complaint.

We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Have a good one!


@maksymz Is there any kind of ballpark timeframe for when it will be added? I’ve got a couple clients that need the feature added.