Improved Grid Area feature available now in Editor X

I’m happy to announce that we released an improvement to the grid area - managing how elements are placed within and across grid cells experience, by:

  • A revised entry point in the inspector: the position section.

  • An interactive panel for setting the location: click on a cell will move the item into it and click on Shift will enable choosing multiple cells.

  • The grid area inputs are no longer relating to gridlines in the input fields but to rows/columns indexes.

It looks like this:


You guys are going crazy with the updates! I feel like there was something blocking all of this and that blockage has been fixed! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:


A life-changing feature!!!


Love features that make the editing experience easier and quicker! Gotta love this one


This has already come in so handy! Makes reflowing items across breakpoints into different grid cells so much faster.


Really ergo features! Especially for the newcomers. I struggled at the beginning. But now I finally start mastering these rows and columns numbers :slight_smile:

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Perfect, I look forward to seeing more, thanks a lot…:sunglasses:

Excellent, It looks like Im up to redesign the site again. Best Platform ever.

Excellent, perfect ! thanks a lot

I can’t be the only one having issues moving grid lines. For some reason, at certain breakpoints 1000, and 750, they seem to be stuck.

Can you elaborate what you mean by stuck?

@Rob I’ve solved that.

However, I find sometimes containers with a previous grid can’t be adjusted. Sometimes the option just doesn’t appear. Is this a bug or am I missing something.