Incorrect item field updating in collection from Submit button in Lightbox which links to repeater item

I have got a submit button which gets the information from a form in my lightbox, e.g. first name, last name, Rating number, Review Title, Review Comments and updates the product Reviews dataset/collection. I also want the button to do some calculations and update 3 of the linked items fields in the giftIdeas dataset, e.g. Total review number, Total count of reviews for that product and the average rating.

My current code will do everything i need it to, but it updates the top field in the giftIdea’s dataset rather than the current item in the giftIdea’s dataset.

Lightox code

import wixWindow from ‘wix-window’;
import wixData from ‘wix-data’;

$w.onReady(() => {
let ProductRecord = wixWindow.lightbox.getContext();
if (ProductRecord) {
// Extract name and image from record
let name = ProductRecord[‘productName’];
let image = ProductRecord[‘productImage’];

// Add these values to your UI elements…
$w(‘#ProductName’).text = name;
$w(‘#ProductImage’).src = image;

export function SubmitReview_click(event) {
let ProductRecord = wixWindow.lightbox.getContext();
if (ProductRecord) {

let productID = ProductRecord[‘_id’];

    $w('#productReviews').onReady(() => { 
        $w('#productReviews').setFieldValue("productId", productID); 

let currentItem = ProductRecord;

let currentItemRating = currentItem.rating;

let ratinginput = $w(‘#RatingsInput’).value;
let newRatingValue = (currentItemRating + ratinginput);

let currentNoRatings = currentItem.noRatings;
let newTotalRatings = (currentNoRatings + 1);

let newAvRating = (newRatingValue / newTotalRatings);
$w(‘#GiftIdeas’).setFieldValue(‘rating’, newRatingValue)
$w(‘#GiftIdeas’).setFieldValue(‘noRatings’, newTotalRatings)
$w(‘#GiftIdeas’).setFieldValue(‘avRating’, newAvRating)

Please help!!