Injecting a dynamic email Subject Line from a button within a repeater

The ability to quickly and easily add dynamic functionality to a page is amazing. BUT… today as I was adding all sorts of cool filtering and sorting to dynamic data I encountered a shortcoming. I wanted to connect a button located within a repeater to a dynamically generated piece of info for the SUBJECT LINE of an email.

For example, on my product index page (not a store environment), I have a bunch of chainsaws.

Here’s the actual link: [](


Anyway the client is asking me to add either the chainsaw’s Product Name -or- the Products SKU into the subject line of the email button, in this case, the button that says “Inquire about this product”. Right now, it is a very rudimentary and simple email button. Thoughts?

I thought I was getting creative when I tried to connect the Inquiry button to a lightbox and then inject the dynamic data into the lightbox via a linked up text box… and although you CAN inject dynamic data into a lightbox, I couldn’t get the system to make the connection between the specific product clicked on and the lightbox. Meh. Genius thwarted again.

Hi Chris, maybe @wingcc or @ahmadnasriya can provide some further insights if you’re using Velo.

This code helps you pass data to light box, act as a “bridge”.

Hey Chris,

What is the intended behavior? You can do that as the following.

(You must use code).

$w('#repeater').onItemReady(($product, product) => {
    // Your parameters
    const subject = `Inquiry about product: ${} - SKU: ${product.sku}`;
    const companyEmail = '';
    const link = `mailto:${companyEmail}?subject=${subject}`;
    // Assign the encoded link to the link property.
    $product('#inquireBtn').link = encodeURI(link);
    // Optional - Open the link in new tab
    $product('#inquireBtn').target = '_blank';

Hope this helps~!

Unfortunately I’m not using Velo. As I’m not a coder, and I want to provide maximum support on my own to my clients, I try as best as possible to handle everything in the non-Velo WIX environment. Saying that, from time-to-time some of this stuff simply can’t be accommodated in their system.

Unfortunately, I am not a coder with no aspirations to be one.

Ahmed, thanks for the code snippet. Unfortunately, I am not a coder and implementation of this code is not something I am comfortable taking on. But it does seem that what I require IS possible… but only within a Velo code environment.

@chris47209 Yes it’s only possible with code.
If you’re not comfortable doing it, I can do it for you, just contact us on

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@ahmadnasriya Do you have a direct email address?

@ahmadnasriya Hi Ahmad, sorry to poke you, but do you have an email I can reach you at? I’d like to discuss a couple of things.

@chris47209 you will find everything you need to contact us here: