Input form and dropdown with distinct list of items

I have this member database Liste_membres that has 1800 entries. One of the field is a building field name “immeuble”.

I was able to create the input form and connected all the fields to Liste_membres except the dropdown field “immeuble”.

I would like to offer a list of distinct building name (about 270 different one) for the dropdown so the user will pick one and this will be the the content of that field. Is is possible to create a second dataset that will have a field Immeuble that will be populated with a distinct list of buildings. Doing this I would be able to connect my dropdown to it or there is a better way to do this.

I have tried several ways of doing this but was not able to make it to work. Also there is a limitation of 1000 for the dropdown choice list.

Can someone help me pointing in the right direction to do it.

Thank you!


Do you use → CODE ?

Yes I did in the past but my experience with code is limited

This Post here will help you to solve your issue…