Insert AddressInput value with velo code

I have one addressInput and i have a custom collection named Location.
My purpose is insert the selected addressInput value to my Location collection(field name is Street) with wixData.insert() function. When I connect addressInput to a form dataset, I can insert it and there is no problem. But when I try to insert with velo codes this does not happen. What is the extension of the address field type? I tried json, it didn’t work, I tried text, it didn’t work also.

It is an object. I think it is ok if you get the value using $w(“#ADDRESS”).value

@certified-code It didn’t work when I added addresses as text and objects in the collection section, so I thought it wouldn’t work with $w(‘#adressInput’).value either. I think i need some rest, i work too hard with velo :slight_smile:
Thank you so much.