Integrate a BigQuery Database with Your Wix Site

Wix Data gives you powerful data storage and retrieval capabilities, as well as the ability to create and maintain your own data collections. But what if you already have your own database, or you want to host your data on a relational database?

With External Database Collections, you can use your BigQuery database hosted on Google Cloud Platform and fully integrate it into your Wix site. You can use any of the wix-data and wix-dataset APIs with External Database Collections, as well as connect repeaters, tables, and other page elements to your BigQuery data.

This tutorial walks you through setting up a BigQuery database on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and connecting it to your Wix site. Check it out here: " Integrate Your Google Cloud BigQuery Database with your Wix Site ".

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Very useful. Some of our clients have required these types of integration in the past. I couldn’t find the guide for AWS PostgreSQL which is highly demanded by our clients is that also available?

We don’t offer this tutorial yet. I’ve asked our Documentation team to add it to their backlog.

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Hi Marlowe, I have a pretty extensive Airtable database. Is it possible to integrate this AT database with a Wix Site? Regards, André

Yes. This is a simple example, but should be able to help get you started

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I am trying to figure out how to give my wix site write permissions to my GCP bigquery tables. Is that even possible to do? I have been trying to find answers and I have been trying to post a question to the velo community but something is broken with the site for me. Thank you for the GCP integration guidelines. It was extremely helpful in getting the datasets connected, but right now I can only leverage the GCP data in a read-only format. I really need write permission as well.

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Thank for the tutorial @marlowe-shaeffer . I succesfully connected a BigQuery table with Wix, but I have runned into a corner. Question: how would you recommend converting the data types not available in BigQuery (particuraly photo’s links).

I faced issues when trying to connect my bigquery with WIX
I got the following erorr :

TypeError: A dataset ID is required.
.BigQuery.dataset ( /usr/lib/app/node_modules/@google-cloud/bigquery/build/src/bigquery.js:1099 )

but actually defined the dataset.
See the full Q here :